User Discovers Fake Domino’s Pizza Stores on Swiggy, Tweet Goes Viral

Tweet regarding Fake Domino’s Pizza Stores on Swiggy Goes Viral.

Domino’s is a popular American multinational pizza restaurant chain that offers a wide variety of pizzas at affordable prices. However, recent online discussions have arisen due to discrepancies in listings on the food delivery platform Swiggy under Domino's name.

Swiggy customer Ravi Handa, discovers fake Domino’s Pizza outlets on the food delivery platform, that do not belong to the official franchise. a simple search for "Domino's" on the food delivery application Swiggy shows a number of results, all of which misspell the name of the international pizza brand. Taking the issue to X, Mr. Ravi Handa, shared screenshots showing a number of fake outlets opened in the name of Domino’s across the locality.

In a tweet he has raised concerns over this ‘fraud’ tagging swiggy and dominos, Hey @Swiggy This is clearly a fraud. Only one of these is genuine. Why are you letting this happen? Why isn't @dominos objecting to blatant violation of trademark.

In a subsequent tweet, Ravi Handa posted another screenshot of a previous order, showing it received a "Very Bad" rating. He emphasized the seriousness of the situation, stating, "This isn't just a joke. Someone close to me actually fell for it. They only realized after receiving the delivery and seeing the box."

The post quickly became viral, getting attention and responses, including from Swiggy.

Swiggy promptly acknowledged the issue and responded to Handa’s tweet, requesting him to share his PIN code via direct message to address the matter further.

Here’s how people reacted to it: