Auto Sweep Facility: Benefits and Disadvantage of Auto Sweep Account

Today, almost every one of us has a saving bank account and most of the peoples unused money are lying in a saving account, earning only around 2.70% to 4% interest each year. But, not everyone has a clear idea about how to grow the money lying idle in our savings accounts and even most of them are not aware of the products offered by the banks to grow money. This is where the auto sweep facility comes into play. It gives the ease of withdrawing money and at the same time earning a higher rate of interest on fixed deposits tied to the savings bank account.

This article will take you through all the necessary points about auto sweep accounts, their benefits, disadvantage and taxability.

What is an auto sweep account, and how does it work?

An auto sweep account is a bank account feature where extra money from a Saving Account are automatically transferred to a fixed deposit account when the balance reaches a certain amount.

What are the benefits of having an auto sweep account compared to a regular savings account?

The main benefit of auto sweep is to help customers earn higher interest rates on their idle funds while keeping their savings accounts liquid.

What is the typical threshold amount required for funds to be swept into the investment account?

The threshold amount varies depending on the bank and account holder preferences. It's typically customizable to suit individual financial needs.

Are there any fees associated with using an auto sweep account?

Fees can vary by bank, but generally, there may be fees associated with maintaining the investment account or for transfers between accounts.

Can I customize the threshold amount and the destination investment account according to my preferences?

Yes, most banks allow customization of the threshold amount and choice of the destination investment account.

What happens if I need to access funds that have been swept into the investment account?

Funds can be transferred back into the Saving Account automatically to cover any shortfall when needed.

Are there any limitations on the frequency or amount of transfers between my Saving and investment accounts?

Some banks may impose limits on the frequency or amount of transfers, so it's important to check the terms and conditions.

How often are the sweeps performed? Is it done daily, weekly, or monthly?

The frequency of sweeps varies by bank but is often daily.

What happens if my Saving account balance falls below the threshold amount?

Depending on the bank's policies, the auto sweep feature may be temporarily suspended if the Saving account balance falls below the threshold amount.

Can I opt out of the auto sweep feature if I no longer want to use it?

Yes, account holders typically have the option to opt out of the auto sweep feature.

What types of investment accounts can be linked to the auto sweep feature?

Commonly, savings accounts, money market accounts, or other high-yield accounts can be linked.

Are the interest rates on the linked investment account competitive with other similar accounts in the market?

Banks usually offer competitive interest rates, but it's advisable to compare rates with other accounts in the market.

Is there a minimum balance requirement for the investment account?

Yes, there may be a minimum balance requirement for the investment account, depending on the bank.

Is the interest earned on the investment account taxable, and how is it reported for tax purposes?

Yes, interest earned on the investment account is generally taxable income and must be reported on your tax return.

Are there any additional features or perks associated with having an auto sweep account with this bank?

Additional features and perks can vary by bank and account type, so it's worth exploring what benefits are offered.

For whom are Auto Sweep FDs better suited?

Auto sweep FDs are better for people who frequently have a high balance in their savings accounts and need flexibility in their investments.

Some banks that offer auto sweep include:
  • Axis Bank: Encash 24
  • Bank of India:
  • Bank of Maharashtra:
  • State Bank of India: Multi Option Deposit Scheme
  • HDFC Bank: Sweep-in Facility
  • ICICI Bank: Money Multiplier Account

Benefits of Auto Sweep Account:
  • Earn interest on Saving Account idle funds
  • Protection Against Minimum Balance Requirement

Disadvantage of Auto Sweep Account:
  • Potential Complexity
  • Minimum Balance Requirements
  • Transaction Limits
  • Penalties
  • Additional fees
  • Tax Implications
  • Account Closure Fee